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      'God so loved the world...'

      John 3:16

      Torch’s international ministry has its beginnings in the original ‘The Torch’ braille magazine, distributed around the world since before Torch was formed.

      We continue to produce ‘The Torch’ twice a year and send it out to encourage over 4,500 people in 80 countries. Over the years, Torch has become involved in work with blind and partially sighted people in several countries including Spain, Romania and Malawi. We have also sought at times to convene, encourage and equip Christian sight loss charities in many countries and are always open to exploring new relationships.

      Read about Torch Malawi

      Torch Malawi

      Torch’s work in Africa is sited in the Central African country of Malawi, with a centre called “Torch House” on the edge of the city of Blantyre in the Southern Region. There are also about 60 Torch Fellowship Groups throughout the country, and key voluntary workers mainly located in the valley of the River Shire. This is in the extreme South of Malawi, where the incidence of blindness is at its worst, due to the widespread eye disease known as River Blindness (Onchocerciasis).

      At Torch House in Blantyre there is a braille production unit, mainly producing Scripture volumes in local languages but also in other African languages. So far the languages involved are Chichewa, Sena, Shona, Bemba, Igala and Hausa. Christian booklets and tracts are also produced, mainly in English and Chichewa, which include informational leaflets to help those suffering from HIV/AIDS and, more recently, Covid-19.

      There is also a giant print production facility for partially sighted people. So far this has been producing the Chichewa New Testament in giant print (20 point). As well as the braille production unit, there is also a free lending library of braille and giant print books.

      At Torch House, a staff of four Malawian people is headed up by Stanley Moyo, the Administrator, and overseen by a local board of trustees. Financial support comes almost entirely from Torch Trust UK and the gifts of our supporters. The Malawian government, together with local NGOs, provides some educational facilities for blind children, and also a very limited amount of employment. Generally speaking, blind people are extremely deprived, unable to get employment or resources, and often resort to begging on the streets. However, many of them are Christians and appreciate the literature Torch provides.

      Our Torch Malawi Team

      McDonald Tembo

      Chair of Trustees

      Stanley Moyo


      Lazarus Dawuka

      Braille Production

      Blessings Namate

      Giant Print Production/Bookkeeper

      Simon Chifisi

      Driver Torch Malawi

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