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        Living with sight loss? — We are here for you

        ‘Our aim is always to help all our clients to grow in faith and thrive in Christian Community’

        If you are living with sight loss, Torch is here for you. Whilst there is all sorts of help and support available from lots of different sources, Torch has a unique focus on the spiritual needs of blind and partially sighted people. So whether it’s an accessible Bible or Christian book, encouragement, fellowship or support, we’re here to serve you.

        We offer a personal service through our client careline. A member of our friendly team answers the phone and helps to signpost you to whichever service you are interested in. We can personally recommend books or magazines, or help you find your local Torch Fellowship Group or a nearby Sight Loss Friendly Church. You can also use our website to choose which services best suit your needs. Whatever you choose, be assured that we are here for you.

        So why not get in touch today and start to explore our services further!

        Explore our services

        Supporting someone with sight loss

        If someone you know is living with sight loss and struggling with reading the Bible or attending church services, Torch Trust can help. We offer a personal service through our friendly client careline, a wide selection of Christian literature in accessible formats, advice about finding and joining local Christian fellowships and support for churches to become accessible to those with sight loss.

        If you would like us to contact the person with sight loss who you are supporting, please let us know. Make sure that you have their permission to pass on their details to us.

        How you can help


        Prayer is the foundation of our support. We need your prayer more than anything else.

        Read more about prayer


        Become a Torch volunteer – we welcome volunteers who are sighted and who have sight loss.

        More about volunteering


        Torch Trust is a charity which relies solely on donations to function. There are lots of things you can do to help.

        Read more about giving

        Sight Loss Friendly Church

        Everyone has the right to a fulfilling spiritual life, but feeling left out or unable to join in at church often means that people stop attending altogether. They then miss out not just on regular services, but social activities, a sense of community and a feeling of human connection. Churches may not realise that anyone in their congregation or local community has sight loss, and if they do they may not know how to provide support. Sight Loss Friendly Church is here to help. We can help you find your nearest sight loss friendly church. We can also help your church become more aware of how to support members with sight loss.

        “Thanks to the changes my church has made, I feel connected to people again, it’s made such a difference to my life.” – Wendy

        Torch Fellowship Groups

        People with sight loss are more likely to feel lonely and isolated from those around them. Yet each of us has a deep-rooted need to connect with other people and develop relationships within caring supportive communities. Torch Fellowship Groups provide a wonderful way for people with sight loss to connect with each other and with sighted people. They offer a warm welcome, hospitality, companionship and the opportunity for Christian fellowship. Over 60 groups meet around the UK, often on a monthly basis. Each group is independent but works in partnership with Torch to offer encouragement and support to their members.

        Client Sign Up

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        Becoming a client will help you to fully encounter Jesus, grow in your Christian faith and thrive in Christian community. We are here for you every step of the way.

        It’s free and easy to become a client. You can do this online or over the telephone.


        Without the library during the lockdown and the support of Torch I’d have been lost