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    We are only able to continue our work supporting those with sight loss thanks to the generosity of our supporters. Please consider if you can support the ministry financially.

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      It’s free and easy to become a client supporter. You can do this online or over the telephone. This will give you access to most items that a client would have access to.

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        Church resources

        Get equipped - Browse our Resource Centre for SLFC material

        Supporting someone with sight loss

        Some people like to receive services from us but like someone else to contact us and manage the services they receive on their behalf (e.g. like ordering library books). If you would like to support someone in this way, please fill in the details and one of our team will complete your registration as a client supporter. The person you are supporting may be an existing client or they may like to become a client of Torch. Please make sure that the person that you are supporting knows that you will be doing this on their behalf and that you will be passing on their details to us. If you would like us to contact the client directly then please fill in the Client sign-up form and specify in the Other field that you have filled it in on behalf of the client.

        How we can help support someone together

        If you would like to support someone with sight loss, there are a number of things that you can do. These will vary according to your circumstances and those of the person with sight loss. You could:

        Encourage them

        Encourage them to register as sight impaired

        The RNIB has lots of helpful information about this.

        Register as sight impaired

        Talk to them

        Talk to them about what their needs are and see how you can help

        Prayer for the team

        Pray for them and Torch Trust

        Support Torch in prayer


        Financially support our work


        Find out more

        Tell the person with sight loss about Torch Trust

        Give them our telephone number or, with their permission, pass on their number on to us and one of our friendly team will give them a call.


        Become a Torch volunteer

        We welcome volunteers who are sighted and who have sight loss.

        More about volunteering

        Explore our services

        Torch Resources

        Browse our resources

        A range of books, magazines and Bible reading notes in lots of different formats for the same price as a standard copy would cost.

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        Transcription service

        Our transcription service

        Torch offers a transcription service to clients. We transcribe standard printed material into accessible formats of audio, large print and braille.

        Find out more

        Torch Fellowship Groups

        Connect with others

        Explore joining a local Torch Fellowship Group in your area. Here you will be able to come together with other people with sight loss and develop friendships, find companionship, encouragement and enjoy Christian fellowship.

        Explore TFGs

        Sight Loss Friendly church

        Find your nearest Sight Loss Friendly Church

        Sight loss should not be a barrier to attending church services. Torch can help you find your nearest Sight Loss Friendly Church. Torch can also help your church become more aware of how to support members with sight loss.

        Explore SLFC

        Holidays & Events

        Join us on a Holiday or an Event in 2023

        You are welcome to join us on a holiday, retreat, prayer time, in person and online.

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        Torch Radio

        Reflections Radio

        Reflections is Torch’s own radio show which airs every Sunday, and focuses on disability & faith in today’s world.

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        Need help

        Any questions?

        If you have any further questions about assisting someone with sight loss then please do contact us for further information and support. You can also register on behalf of someone with Sight Loss to access the Torch services